Thursday, March 6, 2014

Death of the Australian Fashion Industry

"Under pressure from international competition, unaffordable real estate and manufacturing woes, Australia’s fashion industry is facing a crisis." says
In he years since I started training to be a designer I have seen many things decline. I have competed in many fashion competition including the Golden Gown Awards, The Hair and Fashion Competition, Fashion Less Waste, The Fashion Industry Awards and the Flair Awards. Not one of these competitions is still run. 
I spent many years making it to the finals but with no wins until in 2011 I was lucky enough to be named Winner of Fashion Less Waste run by the Australian Museum. The following year I was Runner-Up at Fashion Less Waste and the year after I was given a Highly Commended Award at the Flair Awards. I mention this because it is like a stamp of approval for my business. I have seen a change in my customers attitudes toward me. They don't question me as much. They trust me because I have these certificates that prove I have some talent that has been recognised. 
Sadly these competitions which mean so much to emerging designers are in decline. There are none that I am aware of in NSW. Is this a reflection of the Australian fashion industry which is buckling under the pressure of overseas imports? I think so. With the influx of imports brings a decline in quality. I cant tell you how many dresses my customers have ordered online that I have had to fix.
In the last few years some greats of the Australian fashion industry have had to close their doors. When the likes of Lisa Ho have to close their doors I fear for the future of our home grown talent. 

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