Friday, March 13, 2015


The Rockdale Outdoor Gallery Art Prize opens tomorrow. It is situated in Cook Park along the waterfront in Kyeemagh. I have exhibited my piece previously at Sculpture in the Vineyards. Its called Shape Sorter and it is a large version of of a childs toy.
As it is an outdoor exhibit there are a number of metal sculptures as they tend to be the only thing that can withstand the weather for long periods. There are some interesting pieces including a shrine for a cat and Angela van Boxtel's crocheted plastic bags wrapped around a rock. All up you can see 24 artworks for free.
Its great to be selected for ROGAP which has been running for a number of years.
You can only truly appreciate the work involved in installing the art if you saw it. Many people digging into hard ground and spending hours in the heat just for the love of art. We bent a tent peg trying to secure my piece.

Go and check it out. It runs from the 14th to the 29th of March. Special thanks to Amanda Hurst for the long hours she has put into to organising this fantastic event.

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